Navigating the Sea of Lost Virginia Records – Anne Stokes Moore

This class will cover the early records of the Virginia Colony and where the records were located as the colony grew. If you have an ancestor who lived in this area during the formative years, then you will enjoy this genealogical journey.

Anne was born in the Appalachian foothills caught the genealogy and history bug from her family. Her preteen years were spent traipsing through rural Eastern Kentucky documenting forgotten cemeteries with her parents. She grew up in Louisville and after college, graduate opportunities were in France and at McGill University, Montreal, Canada and subsequently worked in California, Virginia, and Washington D.C. In 1997, she returned to Louisville after living in Southeast Virginia for 20 years – the locations she talks about today.

Anne is a retired educator. She is a genealogist and is currently pursuing publication of family and American history. She is a member of several lineage societies and president of a local group of Huguenot descendants. Last year, Anne was elected National Historian of Jamestowne Society. She works to document its history based on the ongoing archaeological discoveries at Jamestowne Island dated before 1624. She also leads tours of the Island thus spreading the word of our early Virginia heritage. In Louisville, she volunteers at the Sons of the American Revolution Library.

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