Norwegian Family Research – Judith Rusten

This class will help all genealogists interested in Norwegian Research. Information on Norwegian research and how to work with these specific records will be discussed. The Community Books or Bygdeboker will be reviewed as well as specific records found in Family Search.

Judith Rusten lived in Norway from 1973 until 1980 where she researched the archives in Oslo to find her family records. Since that time she has worked with family history to know more about her family both in Germany and in Norway. She served a Family History Mission in Salt Lake City where she was assigned to the Norway Project because she could read and speak Norwegian. There she learned about the Community Books (or Bygdeboker). They are a history of the farms of each community and include the families who lived there from about the 1600’s. The treasure chest of information is now available in Family Search and she will help you open up your own Treasure Chest.

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