Registration. Walk-in registrations are welcome.

Please note, walk-in registrations do not include lunch or a syllabus. There are food options within walking distance.

Lunch and syllabus orders are optional, there are also food options available near the church building.

KFRC March 17, 2018 8:30 a.m.
Registration add-ons must be paid for before March 7, 2018, by check (mail) or PayPal.

Lunch is $6 & Syllabus $6 (additional fees for paying online)

Mail checks to: Jennifer Rushton

13004 Cedar Forest Way, Louisville, KY 40245
Make check payable to: LOUISVILLE KY STAKE

Each attendee must register separately.

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Jason's Deli order (includes a bottled water and all sandwiches come with chips, pickle and cookie)
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Registration & payment info: Pay by check (must be received prior to March 7, 2018)

Jennifer Rushton
13004 Cedar Forest Way
Louisville, KY 40245

Make checks payable to: LOUISVILLE KY STAKE

We will include online payment information in the email confirmation, if you would like to pay using PayPal. Please note, PayPal payments include an additional fee (up to $1.00) for transaction charges. Do not add the charge to the payment amount, PayPal with automatically confirm the fees prior to payment.