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Norwegian Family Research – Judith Rusten

This class will help all genealogists interested in Norwegian Research. Information on Norwegian research and how to work with these specific records will be discussed. The Community Books or Bygdeboker will be reviewed as well as specific records found in Family Search.

Judith Rusten lived in Norway from 1973 until 1980 where she researched the archives in Oslo to find her family records. Since that time she has worked with family history to know more about her family both in Germany and in Norway. She served a Family History Mission in Salt Lake City where she was assigned to the Norway Project because she could read and speak Norwegian. There she learned about the Community Books (or Bygdeboker). They are a history of the farms of each community and include the families who lived there from about the 1600’s. The treasure chest of information is now available in Family Search and she will help you open up your own Treasure Chest.

Locating Vital Records and Obituaries – Jana Meyer

Birth, death and marriage records (als called vital records or vital statistics) contain a wealth of information for genealogists. This session will discuss what information is typically recorded in these records. We will also address how to locate and obtain copies of vital records. Additionally, newspapers are and another important source of information for family historians. This session will also cover how obituaries can be useful for genealogists and how to search historic newspapers for them.

Jana Meyer is an Associate Curator of Special Collections at the Filson Historical Society. She received a degree in History from the University of Louisville, as well as a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University f Kentucky. Jana specializes in arranging and describing the Filson’s manuscript collections.

Using Find-a-Grave and Billion Graves in Your Research – Eden and Liam Thies

Using Find-a-Grave and Billion Graves can add much useful and often hard to find information to your family tree. This class will help you know how to use the websites and what information is stored there.

Eden Thiess is a Junior at South Oldham High School and is involved in many volunteer service organizations and leadership organizations in the community and at her school. She loves music and is an accomplished pianist. She’s been involved in family history research for over five years and helps others with this research as well.

Liam is a Freshman at South Oldham High School and is on the Cross-Country, Swimming and Track team. He completed his Eagle Scout project in November, 2016, and will be getting his Eagle Scout award soon. He has been involved in family history research for over three years and has found hundred of family names.

Using Google Earth to Pinpoint Your Ancestors’ Locations on Current Maps – Chris Hettinger

In this course, you will go through some of the basics of Google Earth, (a FREE, electronic, dynamic mapping application). You will be shown how to overlay current digital/virtual maps on to more historical maps to give you an idea of where your ancestors were, and in some cases, how much we have changed from the past.

Christ Hettinger is an engineer by trade and a genealogist by hobby. He has been researching his family tree for nine years. He and his wife have been married for 11 years and they have 3 children, all named for ancestors, of course. When he is not working as a design engineer for GE Appliances, he spends time with his family. He also frequently leads 80 Cub Scouts on adventures as the Cub mater of the Cub Scout pack at his church. While he should be sleeping, he can often be found remodeling his home, hobbying in electronics, or researching his family tee. Chris likes to use technology to make things more organized and efficient and loves to share his knowledge with others.

Brick Wall? Learn to Apply the FAN Principle! – Deborah Campisano

When no record positively identifies our ancestor’s parentage, does it seem he was dropped by spaceship with no kin in sight? By studying our ancestor within the context of community and applying the FAN Principle (Friends/Family, Associates and Neighbors), we may just find the answers we seek.

Deborah Lord Campisano, (BA History), has over 30 years of genealogical research experience – 23 as a professional. She completed genealogical course work at a number of institutes including IGHR, SLIG, and GRIP, and is a frequent lecturer on methodology at local, state and regional conferences. Currently, Deborah is not on the trail, using DNA evidence and traditional research, to identify her mysterious 2X Irish great-grandmother.