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Navigating the Sea of Lost Virginia Records – Anne Stokes Moore

This class will cover the early records of the Virginia Colony and where the records were located as the colony grew. If you have an ancestor who lived in this area during the formative years, then you will enjoy this genealogical journey.

Anne was born in the Appalachian foothills caught the genealogy and history bug from her family. Her preteen years were spent traipsing through rural Eastern Kentucky documenting forgotten cemeteries with her parents. She grew up in Louisville and after college, graduate opportunities were in France and at McGill University, Montreal, Canada and subsequently worked in California, Virginia, and Washington D.C. In 1997, she returned to Louisville after living in Southeast Virginia for 20 years – the locations she talks about today.

Anne is a retired educator. She is a genealogist and is currently pursuing publication of family and American history. She is a member of several lineage societies and president of a local group of Huguenot descendants. Last year, Anne was elected National Historian of Jamestowne Society. She works to document its history based on the ongoing archaeological discoveries at Jamestowne Island dated before 1624. She also leads tours of the Island thus spreading the word of our early Virginia heritage. In Louisville, she volunteers at the Sons of the American Revolution Library.

Norwegian Family Research – Judith Rusten

This class will help all genealogists interested in Norwegian Research. Information on Norwegian research and how to work with these specific records will be discussed. The Community Books or Bygdeboker will be reviewed as well as specific records found in Family Search.

Judith Rusten lived in Norway from 1973 until 1980 where she researched the archives in Oslo to find her family records. Since that time she has worked with family history to know more about her family both in Germany and in Norway. She served a Family History Mission in Salt Lake City where she was assigned to the Norway Project because she could read and speak Norwegian. There she learned about the Community Books (or Bygdeboker). They are a history of the farms of each community and include the families who lived there from about the 1600’s. The treasure chest of information is now available in Family Search and she will help you open up your own Treasure Chest.

The Secret Life of Heritage-Quest – Joe Hardesty

There is more to HeritageQuest than Federal Census Records! Learn how HeritageQuest collections such as PERI, the U.S. Serial Set and Freedmans Bank can make a difference in your research.

Joe Hardesty—Born and Raised in Louisville, Joe Hardesty began researching his family history in the mid 1980’s–long before the Internet! With the help of patient and kind librarians however, he has been successful in tracing numerous family lines back to their European origins. In 1997 he was promoted to work in the Kentucky History and Genealogical section of the Louisville Free Public Library. In 2003, the library recognized his as an asset to the library and it’s users and made it possible for him to pursue a Masters Degree in Library Science which he complete in 2006. Since 2008, Joe has been the librarian of the Kentucky History and Genealogy section for the library-the largest collection housed in a public library in Kentucky! Most recently (Feb., 2012) he earned a certificate in Genealogical Librarianship from the National Institute for Genealogical Studies and is currently the first in Kentucky with this credential (hopefully he won’t be the last). He has attended numerous genealogy workshops over the years and has presented at several state and regional conferences. In short, the man teaches a lot!!

The ABC’s of DNA – An Introduction to Genetic Genealogy – Debra Smith Renard

Learn all about the most accurte tool available to build your family history. The use of DNA to solve genealogical challenges is growing exponentially!

Debra Smith Renard is a genealogical research and lecturer and the founder of Eureka! Genealogy. She specializes in genetic genealogy, being a co-founder and co-leader of the Louisville Genetic Genealogy Special Interest Group. She is a current board member of the Kentucky Genealogical Society and the Louisville Genealogical Society, the Treasurer of the Kentucky Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and First Families of Ohio. She is also a staff genealogist for the National Society Sons of the American Revolution. Debra speaks at the local, regional and national levels and is especially passionate about helping those with unknown birth families find their roots.

Attaching Indexing Records to Family Search – Jim Denninghoff

This class will teach how to attach an indexing resource record to a name in Family Search. Also, how to create source reference records and include birth, baptism, marriage, death, burial, census, obituary, immigration, draft registration and other indexing resources. It will also be discussed why there are different results in searching the displayed Research Help suggestions and the Search Records results. This class will cover 2 time slots.

Jim Denninghoff has been doing genealogical research for over 49 years. He has taught genealogical classes for beginners and intermediate level groups. With his 50 plus years in the computer field, he was quick to utilize those skills when the PC based programs first arrived. His skills are in how to use the LDS Family Search system and get the most out of the existing tool sets offered. His home genealogy database is in the Roots Magic program He is currently working on the Personal History Program.