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There is a skeleton in my closet! – Norma Hettinger

If you have that skeleton lurking in your family closet, how do you find records on these individuals?  Do we slam the door shut or do we use the information to make our family stories more interesting! Hope to have some fun discussions! (All expertise levels)


Bio: Norma Hettinger has been searching her family history since she was a child beside her parents as they visited Kentucky cemeteries and dusty old court houses.  She learned to love the stories told by relatives and enjoyed the time getting to know them better.  This love for genealogy helped her serve for 13 years as Director of the Louisville Family History Center, serve a two-year Family History Mission with her husband establishing a Family History Center in Bardstown, Kentucky, and serve for three years as the Matron of the Louisville Kentucky Temple .  She is a member of the Louisville Genealogy Society and the Peter Foree Chapter of the DAR. She and her husband, Dale have 5 children and 17 grandchildren.

Siblings for Sarah: A Whole-Family Research Approach to Identifying Parents – Deborah Campisano

Identifying parents for an ancestor using mostly indirect evidence requires a unique strategy and involves reconstructing a family unit before parentage is revealed.  No single record names the parents of Sarah Easton Thompson, or her specific place of birth other  than ”Kentucky”.  This case study details the reconstruction of Sarah’s family unit using the records created by probable kin and collateral lines.  This led to the discovery of her parents’ names, her place of birth, and nine brothers and sisters. If you have lost ancestors, this class may just give you hints on where to search. (Intermediate or Advanced)


Deborah Lord Campisano, (BA History), has over 35 years of genealogical research experience – 25 as a professional.  She completed genealogical course work at a number of institutes including IGHR, SLIG, GEN-Fed, and GRIP  and lectures on methodology at local, state and regional conferences. Deborah’s focus since 2014 has been genetic genealogy.  She is co-leader with colleague, Debra Smith Renard, of the Louisville Genealogical Society’s Genetic Genealogy Special Interest Group.

Learning the Basics of Family Search – Joseph Kraig (This will be a two part class)

This class will help users of FamilySearch/FamilyTree learn some of the programs unique capabilities beyond the basics. Many new options have been added to the programs and these will be explored.


Joseph Kraig is a native of Louisville but has lived in diverse locations Spain, Scotland, and Seattle, Washington, and Darian, Connecticut in the United States. Louisville has, however, always been the place to be. Joe’s roots start early in this country back to the 1600’s with ancestors that fought in the Revolution. Joe also has roots that go back to Germany. When Louisville was considered “THE” location for German families coming to the United States before the Civil War, his family got caught up in that struggle with his ancestor fighting in the Kentucky 5h for the Union.

Joe has attended several local schools and has several degrees including two in computer related sciences that are useful now in doing family history research. Until recently, Joe served as a Family History Center Librarian for nearly 20 years. He and his wife now serve in the LDS Area as Family History Advisors to leaders of the LDS Church in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.